About Us
Environmental security – the U.S. national and global security implications of environmental issues – is a growing challenge worldwide. With connections to some of the world’s most dangerous criminal syndicates and a growing influence on critical geostrategic issues, illegal fishing, logging, mining and wildlife trafficking are serious threats to peace and stability. However, these issues remain largely outside the security purview of many nations. Changing the terms of this conversation is crucial to protecting our environment, furthering global prosperity and safeguarding U.S. national and international security.
Our Mission
Illuminate and educate on the geostrategic security implications of environmental crime
Foster the creation of a new and expanding community of natural security stakeholders
Change the terms of the conversation on environmental crime, leading to innovative policy solutions
What We Do
DATA An online database that tracks incidents of environmental crime and their connections to U.S. and global security threats to quantify the convergence between resource theft, transnational organized crime, terrorism, and other geostrategic issues. Explore
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Meet the Team
Sally Yozell Director Senior Associate and Director of Stimson's Environmental Security Program, Sally brings a depth of knowledge on maritime and wildlife issues. She recently served Senior Advisor to Secretary of State, John Kerry on ocean, coast, climate, and wildlife protection.
Amanda Shaver Research Associate Amanda Shaver is a Research Associate with Environmental Security program at the Stimson Center. Her primary research areas for the program include the geopolitical impacts and security threats of resource scarcity issues due to illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing and distant water fishing fleets. She received a Master of Arts in International Affairs with concentrations in security and development studies from The George Washington University. Shaver also holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Economics with magna cum laude honors from George Washington. Prior to joining Stimson, she interned for the Obama White House with Vice President Biden’s speech writing team where she helped research and craft remarks. Amanda also interned with the Department of State in Rome, Italy.
Lindsay Getschel Research Assistant Lindsay Getschel is a Research Assistant with the Environmental Security program at the Stimson Center. Her research focuses on the global impact of U.S. climate and energy policy. She has also researched the intersection between climate change and conflict and its impact on global security. She holds a B.A. in Political Science with summa cum laude honors from Luther College. She also recently completed her M.Sc. in International Relations from the London School of Economics.